Creating an AI and NLP scope for the Flemish government to trigger innovative projects

In this project our goal is to use AI annd NLP to make our governement smarter and more efficient.

The Flemish administration is on a mission to digitalise and optimise the services of the government, a data-driven government is the ultimate goal. Yet, there’s a gap between the government and AI and NLP. It’s time for the government to move and unlock the opportunities of this innovative technology.

We supported an Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing scope in a government context to trigger innovative projects.


The AI journey starts with an inspiration session. Our data experts showed public officers the possibilities and limitation of AI and NLP and triggered use cases.

Thanks to the inspiration session, public officers came up with use cases to feed the first Belgian NLP hackathon. This hackathon became a unique platform where hackers met the government and vice a versa.


AIV organised a follow-up day. Vectr.Consulting facilitated NLP workshops to transform use cases into tangible NLP projects. Thanks to this day and the effort of the participants, different departments in the government now acknowledge the possibilities of NLP in their businesses.

“I loved the down to earth approach of Vectr.Consulting, it really showed the possibilities of NLP in my business context”

— Participant NLP workshop

The NLP Workshop is a use case design workshop to transform use cases into business cases

✔ Go from use case to business case
✔ Define your KPI’s
✔ Gain insight in the ROI and budget estimation

Creating an NLP pipeline is necessary for the budget estimation of the project.
The combination of several NLP components designs the complete NLP pipeline such as: named entity recognition, topic modelling, categorisation, chatbot, matching, translation, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, optical character recognition, sentiment analysis, matching, ontology, knowledge graph,

Sorting these components for your own project in a logical workflow will bring you new insights in NLP and fills the gap between public officers and Artificial Intelligence.

Going from use case to NLP project is a complex matter. Luckily, the data experts of Vectr guided us through the process in a fun and interactive way.”

— Marijke Verhavert – Program manager AI

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