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AI emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

Speech recognition
Problem solving

Our Vectr.Consulting experts are AI and machine learning masters.

We build and train AI to create value for your business.

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There are 4 AI models for business value: efficiency, effectiveness, expertise, innovation.


We all know them, the repetitive, brainless, inevitable, routine-based tasks. We all hate them because we keep making mistakes while doing them. Yet, we can not, not do them. Or can we?

Imagine that these time-intensive tasks can be taken over by a computer. And that employees can focus on the essence of their job. Wouldn't that be great? 

Indeed, AI helps employees to rise above the mundane tasks and takes over these tasks. By doing this, AI provides consistant and low-cost performance!


Every employee on every level and industry must communicate and manage. Yet, not every employee has the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of a personal assistant. Businesses aren't able to put every personal assistant on the payroll, that would be a financial nightmare.

Thanks to AI, a personal assistance should no longer be a luxury. 


In many jobs, employees need to take crucial decisions. They must judge situations with their expertise, and sometimes these judgements even influence a life. But it occurs that the wrong decision is made due to lack of the human ability to know absolutely everything. 

AI can augment the human sensing and decision making with its expertise. It enables the decision with analysis, advice and support.

Hence, many doctors, lawyers, engineers or financial advisors will be pleased with this intelligent support.


Today, every business is desperately seeking for disruption to overwin their competitors. New brainstorm techniques are developed every day and new ideas pop-up every minute. 
Still, we all know that our human brain needs to be fed with inspiration to innovate, to be creative. 

How can AI stimulate innovations? AI enhances creativity by identifying alternatives and optimising recommendations. You're insured that when AI helps you to innovate, the innovation will be disruptive, relevant and safe.

Let’s find our how we can innovate together or what AI could mean for your business.

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