Business intelligence 3.0

Business intelligence 3.0

A new way of thinking and doing business.

BI 3.0 is a paradigm that tackles the challenges of big data and turns them in priceless business insights. BI 3.0 anticipates on the current complexity of the (data) world.

Vectr.Consulting is an expert in BI 3.0. We advise businesses and guide them through the transformation.

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Innovation by design: how companies on the path of digital transformation can seriously benefit from platform thinking.

Lean how companies on the path of digital transformation can seriously benefit from platform thinking. Build a good platform, and leverage the knowledge buried in the data. Collect big data and add machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to the platform. In other learn words, how to become


The data shift

All the disruptive, connected technological innovations deliver us an immense amount of data. Today, there's more data than ever thanks to the democratization of technology and data. Big data is real. Yet, not all businesses know how to manage this data. Consequently,  data gets lost and will not be used in any manner to derive insights or for decision making. We call this dark data.

Some risks of dark data are:

  • Intellectual property risk: failing to protect IP.

  • Regulatory risk: leaking or losing sensitive data.

  • Opportunity risk: missing out on improvement chances.

Bi 3.0 happens on a platform

BI 3.0 is made possible through a business platform. Think about Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Pinterest,, ... These platforms all have one important thing in common: they bring producers and consumers together and enable the efficient delivery of a product or service. 

We're talking about networked and connected markets. 

The journey of Business Intelligence

  • BI 1.0 = what happened?

  • BI 2.0 = why did it happen?

  • BI 3.0 = what will happen?

Back in the days, before the technological revolution when big data was still a myth, business intelligence was something exclusively for IT.

BI 1.0 & (partially) 2.0 was built around data warehouses, where only a standard report analysis was available.

Today, data is everywhere. It even became impossible to federate all the data from the countless data sources in one data warehouse. Hence, BI 1.0 & 2.0 became outdated.

BI 3.0 anticipates on this new reality and exterminates dark data. It easily integrates non-structured and external data. Reporting now is real-time prescriptive and even predictive. And most important, it makes business analysis accessible for everyone in your business (even less technical employees).

Role of Vectr.Consulting

Vectr.Consulting supports businesses with a traditional BI system to evolve into a modern BI system. This implies a system adapted to the modern reality that knows how to manage big data.

Besides technical support, we also offer advice from a business point of view. Our holistic approach enables our experienced experts to emphasise a great diversity of industries.

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