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Gaining wisdom through data implies an understanding of the people who will benefit from this wisdom. Therefore, Vectr. takes time to meet your business and your organisation. 

We kick-off with an awareness session where we introduce you to the world of big data, AI, IoT and business platforms. As we aim to make it tangible and concrete for everyone; we use demo's, figures and facts during this workshop. Nevertheless, we will also use this session to clear out some myths and misunderstandings about the expectations for big data. Because not everything is (im)possible.

Now that we are aligned and everyone is familiar with the world of data, it's time to focus on your world and your business. And merge both worlds. 

"What do you need?"
The concept workshop usually has 6-12 participants (sales, marketing, IT, innovation, HR, ...) and consists of three parts:

  1. Use Case identification
  2. Solution brainstorming with a data specialist from Vectr.Consulting
  3. And the evaluation of the proposed concept solutions

Finally, we will end this first phase with the outlines of an acceleration project. In this acceleration project, the ideas of the concept workshop are validated and our experts are ready to research your data and see how insights in your data can help you in fulfilling your business needs.

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Result phase 1

 A small project of 20-30 days to search and explore the necessary data in your business and to research the validity of proposed ideas.
This results in a Proof of Concept style piece of code.

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