A journey of the flemish government


Creating an AI and NLP scope for the Flemish government to trigger innovative projects In this project our goal is to use AI annd NLP to make our governement smarter and more efficient. The Flemish administration is on a mission to digitalise and optimise the services of the government, a data-driven government is the [...]

A journey of the flemish government2022-02-25T14:14:04+01:00

AI and NLP in real estate


Artificial intelligence in real estate: increased conversion with machine learning Challenge: Optimise the customer journey of finding a new home by building a recommender system for properties and a segmentation system for customers based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. For Co-libry we created a unique artificial intelligence that guides people to find their [...]

AI and NLP in real estate2022-02-25T14:15:02+01:00

Conversational design for chatbot


A conversational design for Alphie, the chatbot In this 4 minute read we outline the workflow of the conversational design of a chatbot and stipulate its importance. Alphabet is a BMW Group Company leasing company cars, bicycles and vans. It offers mobility solutions and products for fleet management and fleet financing worldwide. [...]

Conversational design for chatbot2022-02-25T14:17:25+01:00

Fraud detection


Fraud detection with graph analytics A confidential project for the Government to support public officers with the detection of fraud in a business field where the government offers subsidies. It is known that fraud occurs, and the question was whether we can use the existing data to support the officers better in the field. Business [...]

Fraud detection2022-02-04T13:36:09+01:00

Social graph interaction model


Parliamentary questions Linked open data The Federal Government wanted to have insights on the questions that are being asked by politicians in the parliament. Who is asking questions to whom? What is the question about? This is an example of a social graph where people interact with one another. In this particular case, the [...]

Social graph interaction model2021-08-18T10:41:48+02:00

Smart meeting room


Smart meeting rooms No-shows, people claiming a meeting room without reservation, meetings running too long, meetings starting too late ... Don’t we all know these meeting room frustrations? Indeed, meetings have become a recurrent pain point for the workforce. Moreover, inefficient use of meeting space can become costly for Cronos, both in terms of [...]

Smart meeting room2021-08-18T10:42:01+02:00
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