i-Cleantech Flanders: graph models to structure data into an ecosystem

Connecting cleantech companies


The challenge: how can we understand the ecosystem of cleantech companies?

I-Cleantech Flanders is a key player in the cleantech industry in Flanders. It strives to develop a partnership between companies, knowledge institutions, the government and civil society, promoting and effectively implementing innovation and clean technology. 

As the catalyst for innovation in the cleantech field who knows, connects and spread cleantech, they need a structured and clear overview of all the actors promoting and implementing innovation and clean technology.

However, this is a challenging mission as there is no structured data of all the different actors. To fulfill this mission, Cleantech Flanders came to us.

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Complexe data op een toegankelijke manier in kaart brengen en visualiseren

Our solution

We map and visualize the actors of the cleantech industry


Graph modelling

We combined multiple, unstructured data into a knowledge graph

data Patterns

Relations between cleantech companies are visualized.

data Visualisation

We provided a real-time user friendly visualisation indicating the interactions between the different actors.


I-Cleantech Flanders is on top of the complete cleantech field and is enabled to anticipate on future trends.


technologies we used for this project