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Industrial and Iot analytics


The value of IoT lays in data.

IoT it not about devices and hardware, it's about connection. It links everything with the internet. The hardware or an IoT device exists in function of the data. An IoT device is ...

a data platform with automated "senses"

• that collects data 

• and exchanges data with other IoT devices.


The value of IoT sensor data comes alive when integrated with other systems. We process and analyse these sensor data. 

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our term industrial and iot analytics

We relinquish wrong expectations and set the right scope of expectations with our term.

IoT is a highly complex subject, due to this complexity some myths and unrealistic expectations arise. Thereby, the term "things" is not helpful in understanding the meaning of IoT. Tell me, do you know one term that is more vague than "things"?

So, industrial and IoT analytics infers analysis on sensor data of businesses. It’s all about analysis and software.

the challenge

Sensor data are highly time-dependent, which requires a deep knowledge of time-series analysis and a deep knowledge of related analytics techniques. 

IoT solutions require a range of IT expertise and skills that may be expensive and in short supply.

the consequences

IoT technologies, best practices, architecture and markets are not well-established.

There’s no technology offering, software or service that is sufficient to support the end-to-end workflow of an advanced IoT solution.

IT architects face complex integration issues in designing and deploying heterogeneous multiplatform and cascading IoT solutions.



our solution

Iot is not simple or easy to understand and requires a lot of expertise.

It’s our mission to put technology, innovation and data in the heart of businesses. Therefore, we developed our own approach and methodology to make IoT tangible and concrete. 

We help customers develop an lon term IoT vision

  • We create awareness and a common understanding about industrial and IoT analytics during our workshops and awaraness sessions. Design thinking helps us to capture the scene of this complex, but highly valuable subject.
  • We build fast Proof-of-Concept that are focussed on:
    • Long-term sustainability
    • Integration in bigger data platforms
  • We select the right technology or vendor for your job.
  • We extract value from your sensor data.