Predict with sensor data

industrial analytics

Optimization in logistics

In the Antwerp harbor, millions of containers are handled per year. They come and go by ship, rail, or road. Not surprisingly, some containers may get ‘lost’ for a while in the busy harbor area. It was our task to develop a concept that solves this problem and improves the logistics efficiency.

Business goal: Knowing the next means of transport for a container to optimize the container movements and temporary storage in the harbor area.

Workflow: We used IoT sensors to retrieve insights in the logistic process of container at the haven of Antwerp. This enables the haven to make data-driven decisions concerning the physical organisation of the containers. Thanks to this data-driven decision the process is much more cost-efficient.

Outcome: For a proof of concept, we used container origin and destination data to predict the next means of transport, and this does indeed have the ability to improve logistics efficiency within the harbor area.