Tensr.Consulting is our brand that focuses on engineering AI and ML solutions using Google Cloud.

Time for a short introduction:

Tensr.Consulting is also on a mission to implement data-driven approaches for every organisation. Being Google specialized, Tensr focuses on engineering AI and ML solutions using Google Cloud Platform. Our expertise lies within big data engineering as we pre design data to make magic possible. Machine learning, to craft intelligent solutions generating business value with data models. And Cloud analytics to leverage the power of the cloud through analytical insights.

Every organization approaches data differently, so we identify three paths to gain value from it. First, business innovation driven by data, starting from a business point of view. Second, the path of data monetization where historical data is key, and third as a consultancy partner where we talk about long term commitment.

We’re an innovation partner through the entire process, from ideation until implementation. Visit the website to read some of the stories and get in touch!