4 new trainings in our offering

4 new trainings in our offering

The Vectr Labs. Awareness sessions, concept workshops, training and coaching are given as The Vectr Labs. Trainings from the Vectr Labs guide you to make smart decisions for your business.

4 new trainings in our catalogue, given by one of our co-founders, Ignaz Wanders.

Sessions for everyone who is curious about the newest technologies.
In the 4 sessions you’ll learn what the innovative technology is and how it is applicable for your business, without having to dig into technical details.

  1. AI inspiration session

  2. NLP inspiration session

  3. Platform thinking inspiration session

  4. Data science awareness session

Who is Ignaz?
Data scientist and managing partner of Vectr.Consulting. He has more than 20 years of experience in the consultancy business and now focuses on data solutions.

With Vectr his mission is to help companies in their digital transformation. His inspiration and awareness sessions prepare businesses to become future-ready. Thanks to his deep expertise, he manages to translate complex matter in a simple and daily life context.

Ignaz is an experienced speaker on many events and international conferences. His sessions have proven to be successful for a variety of businesses. F.e. His NLP inspiration session inspired over 20 officers to create or think about NLP use cases, who were then used for an NLP hackathon.

We hope to inspire businesses and trigger innovative use cases by explaining the underlying concepts of new technologies in a tangible way.
— Ignaz Wanders
#VectrVoice: Innovation by design

#VectrVoice: Innovation by design

Prepare your mind to find opportunities.

Prepare your mind to find opportunities.