Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Therefore, we do not track you. We do not profile you. We do not provide you personalised ads. We do not sell your data. We do not share your data with others. We do not collect any personal data whatsoever via the website.

Visiting our website means you are totally anonymous to us. We don't know which pages you personally visited or in what order.

Our website is hosted by SquareSpace (SP), and thus, you are also subject to the privacy policy of SP. You, as a vistor of our website, are an End User to SP. SP considers us, the website owner, as their User. In short, SP does not track individual End Users either. You can find the full SP privacy statement here: You can find this policy here:

Cookie Policy

We do have some functional cookies on our website, though. These are purely for analytics to see if and how our website is used. This is done in a pure statistical sense, we do not know who you are. 

Our website is hosted by SquareSpace, and the following cookies are set by them:

  • SquareSpace Analytics, which is similar to Google Analytics. This allows us to optimise our site, without knowing 
  • Adobe Typekit. This is indeed a fishy cookie, which we don't need at all, and we don't use it in any way either, but SquareSpace doesn't provide a way to get rid of it. (If you know of a way, let us know!) Adobe claims they don't collect your behavioural data using this cookie:

You can read the full SquareSpace cookie policy here:

Of course, you can just turn off the cookies if you like. You do this through your web browser. The website works perfectly well without the cookies. You can browse incognito, too. 

Any questions regarding our cookie or privacy policy can be directed to