Privacy by design


From legal requirements to IT solutions.

The principle of privacy by Design states that privacy should be considered an essential part of the software development process, rather than being an afterthought


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why is privacy so important?

"I have nothing to hide, so why would I care about my privacy?" - Because privacy is about respecting individuals.

  • Privacy helps individuals maintain their autonomy and individuality.
  • Privacy is essential in freedom of speech.
  • Privacy protects individuals and groups of individuals

What implies the gdpr?

GDPR certainly affects consumers in a good way. Yet, this also implies changes in IT.

Consumer rights are extended and they have new consumer rights. This impacts: 

  • (master) data storage
  • data processing
  • log files
  • backups
  • reporting
  • secondary data usage
  • profile exports
  • import functionality should exist
  • service providers must explicitly store the opt-in information and the data processing must explicitly handle it
  • ...