Sabam: from data optimisation to innovation 

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Innovation partner: Sabam

Sabam is the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Its goal is the collection and distribution, administration and management (in the broadest sense of the word) of all authors' rights in Belgium and in the other countries where reciprocity agreements have been concluded (with our sister associations, i.e. with the other collective management organisations worldwide).


Sabams’ business model is threatened since people consume their music in a different way. Due to the rise of music streaming services, Sabam deals with a lot of unstructured data, coming from different sources. This data needs to be filtered and matched with the right artists. Sabam came to us for help

data science challenge

Challenge: How can Sabam manage the growing amount of data and still deliver the same service to their clients?
Sample business question: “How can I pay authors a fair amount when their music is played via foreign music providers using the internet instead of Belgian radio or event?”

Business goal: To pay authors for the music played via internet companies like YouTube, Spotify, etc. in a fair and fast way.

Means: Integrate third party playlist information into own system.


our smart data solution

Graph model

Our system filters relevant user data and links these data with the matching artists.

Future proof data architecture

The infrastructure is future-proof, Sabam is ready to manage even more data without extra financial investments.

Clear data visualisation

Our data visualisation indicates trends and inspires Sabam to innovate.

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Van data optimalisatie naar innovatie

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