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service offering

Our approach

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phase 2: Service offering

  • In phase one we identified the business needs and validated how we can use your data to fulfil these needs in an acceleration project.
  • During the accelerations project of 20-30 days, we test the feasibility of the algorithmic design based on the delivered data.
  • Finally, the acceleration project delivers us a presentable end-result: a report, a dashboard, a small prototype, ...  

Now, we are ready to kick off the project!
In this phase we offer the service to transform your data in hygienic, useful data.

First, a project team that will work on your business case is set-up. The team wil familiarise with your data and search relevant information. Getting relevant information out of raw data requires interpretation of data. Therefore, our experts need to crush in your data and discover the first insights, this enables them to create the first algorithms. Automated algorithms are like smart engines operating on the data.

These insights enable the data architects to clean your data and transform them in a useful format.

This step of transforming and cleaning your data is crucial. It's a step filled with iterations and verifications with the business needs. When the data architects are ready, your data is ready to become smarter and bring business value.

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Outcome of phase 2

Your data is clean and hygienic. It is transformed in a useful format for analysis. The project team can start finding relations and pattern in the data that will bring wisdom and business value.