phase 2: Service offering

  • In phase 1 we identified your business needs and validated your data.

  • We kicked off your acceleration project of 20-30 days in which we test the feasibility of the created algorithmic design, based on the delivered data.

  • Finally, the acceleration project delivers us a presentable end-result: a report, a dashboard, a prototype or an MVP.

Now we are ready to start the project!
Your project team is set up and ready to familiarise with the data. Data architects transform your data into hygienic, useful data through the process of data mining. They provide you with a future-proof data architecture. This will make the difference of your business as the architecture will meet your current and future needs.

Getting relevant information out of raw data requires interpretation of data. Therefore, our experts crush in your data and discover the first insights which enables them to create the first algorithms. Automated algorithms are like smart engines operating on the data.

The project team finds relations and patterns in your data, bringing wisdom and business value!