Smart meeting rooms

No-shows, people claiming a meeting room without reservation, meetings running too long, meetings starting too late … Don’t we all know these meeting room frustrations? Indeed, meetings have become a recurrent pain point for the workforce.

Moreover, inefficient use of meeting space can become costly for Cronos, both in terms of money spent as well as on the loss of productivity for employees. Therefore, we partnered up with Cronos research to solve this problem with data.

4 steps to efficient meeting room usage

To tackle these challenges, Cronos needs to know how their meeting rooms are actually being used.

We use sensors for presence detection and climate detection in meeting rooms. These data are visualized in a dashboard. Also, awareness among meeting room users is created thanks to Hue lights in the room, indicating the progression of the meeting.

  1. Select the right sensor: After researching which sensor would be most applicable for this use case, we bought a smart sensor that detects presence, light intensity, temperature and air humidity.
  2. Create awareness: Additionally, Hue lights were installed in the room and connected with the internal booking system. The colour of the light indicates the progression of the meeting room to warn meeting room users when their meeting is almost over.
  3. Engage the people: A flyer informs the meeting room users about the smart meeting room they’re using and the meaning of the Hue lights. It’s an approachable, fun and friendly way to create awareness and to engage with the meeting room users.
  4. Analyze the data: Captured data from the sensors is visualised in a dashboard. Data is available for: analytics (energy forecasting), scheduling maintenance (broken lights, …), smart rules (alerts on too high energy consumption in the weekend)

Presence detection provides insights into the occupancy rate of meeting rooms, this enables companies to create a tailored policy, organizing a delightful and efficient meeting room usage.

— Tom Franckx, co-founder Vectr.Consulting

Our partners for smart building systems are beckhoff and cumulocity. Respectively, best of breed building management system and iot platform

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