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Our trainings ensure that your employees or clients are brought up to speed on the latest evolutions on innovative technology and data solutions.

✔ Use case identification

✔ Trigger ideas to innovate

✔ How to go from idea to approach?

✔ Methodologies and tools, f.e NE04J, Phyton, Hadoop

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We hope to inspire businesses and trigger innovative use cases by explaining the underlying concepts of new technologies in a tangible way.
— Ignaz Wanders, co-founder Vectr.Consulting

You can either follow one of our learning paths or create your own data track

inspiration sessions

Inspiration sessions

Use case identification - triggering ideas to innovate - from idea to approach



Hands on approach - design thinking - storytelling - project development



Expertise - methodology - introduction

Thanks to this hands-on workshop I understand how NLP works and what it means for our use case.
— Participant NLP workshop

AI and NLP journey of de Flemish government


New training track in our offering


Data Science Big Data Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Chatbots IoT Artificial Intelligence Industrial Analytics Data Analytics Smart Use Case Discovery Graphs Data Architecture Data Visualisation Industry 4.0 Neo4J Hadoop


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Download the training catalogue and follow one of our learning paths or create your own data track.

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