We create a vision on how technology, innovation or data becomes a valuable part of your business.


Our workshops are part of our tailored approach

We cover the full value chain from ideation 'till technical implementation. Our experts are eager to spread technological innovation and happily guide you through this transformation.

Take a quick look at some of our workshops on this page or download our training catalogue to have a full overview of our training offering. In this catalogue we offer tracks for business innovation driven by data for managers who are ready to cultivate the data way of thinking. We also offer more technical courses to finetune your data science techniques.

Download our training catalogue and dive into our learning paths who guide you from novice to practitioner.

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concept workshop

The concept workshop

"What are your business questions and how can smart data products solve your problems?"

Together with the stakeholders of your business, we develop a mutual understanding of your business questions and build proposals for solutions.

This workshop typically consist of three phases:

1. Use case understanding.
2. Solution brainstorming with a data specialist from Vectr.Consulting.
3. Evaluation of the proposed concept solutions.

Use cases for your business are discovered and you are now ready to kick off your innovation project!

awareness session

The awareness session

"What can several smart data techniques mean for your business?"

This session is for everyone who is triggered and ready to be inspired. Our experts guide you through the possibilities and the limitations of innovative technologies.

After this session you have a better understanding of artificial intelligence, big data, IoT,... and how this benefits your business.

This session inspires you to innovate and you'll be eager to start your own innovation traject.

data insights workshop

Data insight workshop

"How can we concretise your use case and what is the scope of your accelerator project?"

During this workshop, we create insights in your business goals, your actors and your data catalog. We identify the relation between these elements and generate a shared vision on data, technology and innovation in the context of your business.

After this workshop all your employees understand your data and the potential of it. We create a common vision on the role of data in your business.

After this workshop our experts are ready to make your idea concrete! We develop your proof-of-concept, prototype or MVP (minimum viable product).

architectural design workshop

Architectural design workshop

"How can we prepare for the future and set up a sustainable data architecture?"

Being a data-driven company requires setting up a data architecture that brings together many different data sources and allows the usage of those data via multiple API’s and user interfaces.

Setting up an architecture can be a challenge, especially when considering existing data solutions with which to integrate.

Together with you, our Vectr.Consulting experts create a long term vision towards your data architecture. Your data architecture will meet needs of today and tomorrow, facilitating innovation and growth.

You'll have a future-proof vision on your data architecture and be ready to take action towards your data architecture.

chatbot conversational design


"What is your bot strategy and conversational flow?"

Let's bring your chat alive! Together with you, we make your vision on your chatbot even more tangible and set the botscope. Your bot will have a personality, based on the core of your business.

A first version of the conversational flow of the bot is created. Our methodological frame for this workshop centers the user of the bot to manage the NLP (natural language process) techniques.

Now that we know the personality and the flow of your bot, our data translator is ready to create the detailled conversational flow.


Any questions? Feel free to contact us: info@vectr.consulting

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