data science team

Team with a broad expertise.

Computer Science/Data Science, mathematics, physics, bio-engineering, Artificial Intelligence: Speech and Language Technology, Linguistics: Comparative and Historical Linguistics, ...

What defines our culture is more than just our field of expertises

We do things in our own way: smart, efficient and with data.

How we solve meeting room frustrations?
With sensors and our Google assistant. Ask Google to book a room or to adjust the climate in the room and our system will get it done!

How we pick a movie for a movie night?
Simple, we build a chatbot to answers all our film-related questions.

How we make sure we stay hydrated when we’re in the zone?
We put our Vectr drink bottle on a “smart hydration reminder device”. Get a “ping” and drink.

We are the team that makes you blink twice.

We know the painter’s paradox and have a scientific explanation for everything.

We hack for fun and know more about the newest technologies than every one else.

We go wild on evening sessions about fraud detection, Neo4j or Spark because we are eager to keep learning. Not because we love free pizza.

We strive for the highest score on Stack Overflow, our bible.

Do you love a challenge? So do we! Come over and introduce yourself.

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Vectr.Consulting is part of an ecosystem, the Cronos group

Our ecosystem facilitates innovative IT- solutions.

Vectr.Consulting offers clients a broader, outstanding experience that reaches beyond the boundaries of our core business.