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MOW – Detecting Water Bodies


A more efficient view on water The ports in our country serve as vital economic hubs and demonstrate a commitment to ecological awareness. The development of a port reflects our relationship with the environment and our methods of separating water from land to ensure the controlled management of port activities. This segregation is [...]

MOW – Detecting Water Bodies2024-04-05T14:57:23+02:00

MOW – HARO Blocks


Stability monitoring of sea breakers through AI-driven object detection. Anyone who has sailed into the ports of Ostend or Zeebrugge is undoubtedly familiar with the concrete blocks that protect the sea breakers. These blocks, called HARO blocks, are intended to shield the lower-lying polder areas from strong waves. The sea is in constant [...]

MOW – HARO Blocks2024-04-05T15:00:36+02:00



Applying AI for a smart job market. The job market in Flanders is a complex and dynamic phenomenon. Not everyone finds their way to the right job easily. There is a tremendous opportunity to make a guided job search smarter. What skills and competences has the candidate gained in past experiences? How [...]


MOW – Unsafe traffic situations


Prevention, better than curing, thanks to technology It's better to prevent an accident than to cure it. Logical, right? Neverteless, there are dozens of traffic victims in our country every day . Whether slightly, severely or fatally injured, every accident is one too many. Accident prevention is key. This is one of [...]

MOW – Unsafe traffic situations2024-04-05T15:01:35+02:00

LCM – The intelligent scanner


Even in 2023, the Christian Mutuality (LCM) receives about 40,000 mostly handwritten doctor’s certificates per day. These certificates contain information regarding the patient, the reason(s) for the doctor’s visit, and the amount to be paid for the doctor’s consult. Part of the amount is refunded by the LCM. The data of the doctor’s certificates [...]

LCM – The intelligent scanner2023-10-27T15:10:59+02:00
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