We are data scientists and engineers who help clients gaining business value from innovative custom data solutions.

We build smart data products and add intelligence to your existing business insights to support :

Operational excellence
Customer intimacy
New business opportunities

Our services range from data architecture to data engineering, data analytics and data visualisation.

Our core business is continuous innovation. We bring data and technology at the heart of moving forward. We offer our services through:

Awareness session

What are smart data products? What can it mean for your business? AI, BI 3.0, IoT, Data science,...

Concept workshop

We trigger innovation and identify use cases for your business.

data insights workshop

Bridging business and IT, our data experts and data translator concretise your use cases in a proof-of-concept or a minimal valuable product.

Architectural design workshop

Become future-proof with a long term vision and practice towards your data architecture. Together with you we create a common vision towards your ideal (big) data architecture.

some of Our expertises

Intelligence 3.0

Business intelligence 3.0 implies real-time reporting, giving you insights into what will happen next.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning, using bots and virtual assistants.

Industrial analytics

Modern data platforms
in a IoT connected world.

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