data science

We put data and technology at the heart of moving forward.

We are data experts who build smart data products and add intelligence to your existing business insights to support :

Operational excellence
Customer intimacy
New business opportunities

Our expertises

Intelligence 3.0

Business intelligence 3.0 implies real-time reporting, giving you insights into what will happen next.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning, using bots and virtual assistants.

Industrial analytics

Modern data platforms
in an IoT connected world.


Data science innovation cycle

Our core business is continuous innovation, putting data and technology at the heart of moving forward. We support the full value chain and offer services on every step in the chain.



From business question to technical implementations.

✔ Hands-on approach 
✔ Trigger innovation 
✔ Use case discovery

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Accelerator project

Quickly validate concepts that can be scaled up to a Proof-of-Concept or production-ready system.

✔ Data discovery 
✔ Proof-of-concept or protoyp
✔ Minimum viable product (MVP)

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Supporting data science customer projects

✔ Special attention to the future-proof architectural design of your data.

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Innovative clients we work with

The data scientists of Vectr have the expertise and know-how to deploy the artificial intelligence, including the architecture and structure we need to build.
— Wendy Geeraerts, founder Co-libry

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