The Vectr team

Our team consists of highly educated, solution oriented consultants who are specialized in data science,big data and AI.

Tom Franckx
Tom FranckxVectr.Consulting
Ignaz Wanders
Ignaz WandersVectr.Consulting
Tom Michiels
Tom MichielsVectr.Consulting
Bruno De Deken
Bruno De DekenTensr
Olivier Dumont
Olivier DumontSensr
Joren Van de Vondel
Joren Van de VondelVectr.Consulting
Data Engineer
Thomas Meert
Thomas MeertSensr
Data Engineer
Jony Van Puymbroeck
Jony Van PuymbroeckVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist/Engineer
Simon Van Laerhoven
Simon Van LaerhovenVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Ivo Merchiers
Ivo MerchiersVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
David Schotmans
David SchotmansVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Stan Draulans
Stan DraulansVectr.Consulting
Data Engineer
Lena Vos
Lena VosVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Imke Heusschen
Imke HeusschenVectr.Consulting
Data Visualizer/Consultant
Andrei Bondarenko
Andrei BondarenkoVectr.Consulting
Data Consultant
Sam van Lier
Sam van LierVectr.Consulting
Data Consultant
Len Vandelaer
Len VandelaerVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Richard Szabo
Richard SzaboTensr
Data Scientist
Robin Blommaert
Robin BlommaertTensr
Data Scientist
Frédéric Desclée
Frédéric DescléeVectr.Consulting
Data Engineer
Simon Kupers
Simon KupersVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Ladan Hosseinimanesh
Ladan HosseinimaneshVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Lars Swijsen
Lars SwijsenVectr.Consulting
Data Engineer
Jonas Vanvinckenroye
Jonas VanvinckenroyeTensr
Data Consultant
Laurence Mille
Laurence MilleSensr
Data Scientist
Alexander Belooussov
Alexander BelooussovVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Yoni Springael
Yoni SpringaelVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Max van de Kamp
Max van de KampVectr.Consulting
Data Scientist
Cisse Kortleven
Cisse KortlevenVectr.Consulting
Data Consultant
Jonas de Boeck
Jonas de BoeckVectr.Consulting
Data Consultant

We are constantly on the lookout for motivated people

who want to join our dynamic team.

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