Business understanding Data & AI driven

We cover the full value chain from ideation until implementation. Together we discover your business drivers and work towards a feasible Data & AI strategy. Also, your application landscape and data architecture are taken into account within every step of the process. Our goal? Guide you as an innovation partner through the fascinating, fast-changing world of AI and technology.

We learn about your needs during an interactive workshop and scope feasible use cases. Aiming for the moon is nice, but landing on it is even better. Let’s work towards a realistic target and create value with a first PoC, MVP or acceleration project.

Implementation of Data & AI solutions
Making that make-or-buy decision is not easy, neither is fitting it into your application landscape and reach production-worthy data solutions. With a tailored approach for every step, we are the partner you need for a successful end result. Your call to decide which collaboration form suits your needs.

Aftercare, governance & managed services
You can count on us to keep supporting you after the go-live, setting up needed ML/AI-ops processes, and helping you out on keeping a healthy data strategy. Let’s talk about organizing that dedicated helpline your organization deserves!

Our service offering


Let’s get to know each other and start our journey. We typically start with a workshop to zoom into your needs and drivers. Based on those insights our experts will know what to do and propose an approach for the next steps.

  • Awareness session: This is an inspiration session focussing on your peers in the same sector. How do they use Data & AI and what are the latest trends? How will your industry look like within several years?
  • Concept workshop: What are your organizational drivers? How can data & AI solutions help you to accelerate?
  • Architectural design workshop: How could Data & AI fit into your application landscape? How cloud-aware or cloud-driven is your organization?
  • Data insights workshop: We work towards a data catalog of your organization. Where does your data live? Is there missing data? After the data insight workshop, we can kick off the acceleration project.

Acceleration project: During a period of 20 – 30 days we search and explore the necessary data and research the validity of your proposed ideas. We test the feasibility of the created algorithmic design based on the delivered data and quickly validate concepts that can be scaled up:

  • prototype
  • data discovery
  • proof-of-concept
  • minimum viable product (MVP)

Finally, the acceleration project delivers us a presentable end result: a report, a dashboard, a prototype, or an MVP (minimum viable product).

Implementation and integration of Data & AI solutions

Based on your needs we offer several forms of collaboration.


  • Outsourcing model: You can keep focussing on your core business and we take care of the complete development and integration of your Data & AI implementation.
  • A mixed project team is set together, people from your organization work closely together with our data experts. It’s an outstanding opportunity to transform knowledge and gain ownership of data products. Our experts train and guide your business people through smart data products so they can access the data in a self-manner way.


  • Co-sourcing partnership, your organization can count on our certified data consultants who function within a varied and complementary team where knowledge sharing is key. You can count on the knowledge of our data experts and the broader expertise of our ecosystem. We think along with you about the strategy and the implementation and opt for long-term business collaboration.
  • You need consultancy? Your organization already has a team of data experts but need the extra capacity to further build and install the Data & AI products. Our data experts are part of your internal team.

Aftercare, governance & managed service

Running Data & AI systems is not much different from other modern IT systems. However, it has its particularities and pitfalls which can be avoided. We promise to be your innovation partner throughout the entire journey.

  • Consultancy based on a service-oriented price model.
  • Managed services: we keep performing on-demand services over the implementations we realized and installed into your application landscape.

Let’s find out how we can assist you in your journey!

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