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i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

How can we understand the ecosystem of cleantech companies?

map and visualise complex data

We map and visualize the actors of the cleantech industry:

✔ We combined multiple, unstructured data into a knowledge graph.

Relations between cleantech companies are visualized.

✔ We provided a real-time user friendly visualisation indicating the interactions between the different actors.

✔ I-Cleantech Flanders is on top of the complete cleantech field and is enabled to anticipate on future trends.

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Complexe data op een toegankelijke manier in kaart brengen en visualiseren


How can we manage the growing amount of data and still deliver the same service to our clients?

from data optimisation to innovation

✔ We built a system that filters relevant user data and links these data with the matching artists

The infrastructure is future-proof, Sabam is ready to manage even more data without extra financial investments.

✔ Our data visualisation indicates trends and inspires Sabam to innovate.

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Van data optimalisatie naar innovatie

More smart data solutions

These data science projects are confidential customer stories, we cannot describe them in detail. To give you an idea of the type of projects we do, we explain what we do and how we do it, without mentioning our client.

Fraud detection

A confidential project for the Government to support public officers with the detection of fraud in a business field where the government offers subsidies.

Mapping politics

We provided insights in social interactions and more specific, in the questions being asked by politicians in the parliament.

Analysing the news

For a large media company we have a team of specialists in machine learning and natural language processing to support the analysis and optimization of news emanation.

Predict with sensor data

We predict the next mean of transport of containers in the harbor by only using container origin and destiniation date

GDPR compliance

Knowing how complex data can be, it is no surprise that Vectr.Consulting is actively consulting Data Protection Regulation for several customers.