Data Lake: from decentralised data to business value


Our client owns an omnichannel platform that reaches consumers through various offline and digital touchpoints. These touchpoints bring a lot of data with the potential to create value in terms of personalization, segmentation, and an overall deeper customer understanding. Yet, this data is spread over different sources and occurs in various formats, which makes [...]

Data Lake: from decentralised data to business value2021-08-18T10:39:44+02:00

Intelligent Scanner


Artificial intelligence networks and deep learning methods currently provide the best solutions for many problems in image recognition and more specific, in handwriting recognition. Our team developed the AI of an intelligent scanner that recognises handwriting on certificates of the CM. Processing these handwritten certificates became much easier, faster and more efficient. Cronos public [...]

Intelligent Scanner2021-08-18T10:39:23+02:00
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