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Business Solutions

Business Intelligence 3.0

Traditional business intelligence (BI) is built around a data warehouse and data marts, and the standard reporting which is built on top of it.

However, today's BI needs to integrate with non-structured and external data as well. Reporting must be near-real-time or even predictive or prescriptive.

Business people want to access the data themselves in a self-service manner.


Artificial Intelligence

Adding artificial intelligence (AI) to automated systems allows systems to learn from previous experience. Essential ingredients for AI systems are machine learning techniques, and humans, who must be able to correct the AI when needed.

Privacy By Design

In the age of connected data, guaranteeing people's privacy is becoming more and more difficult. 

We think it is not sufficient to just add some security layer around the data, rather, privacy is part of the design of the data storage and processing systems. 


Internet of Things

We focus on processing and analyzing sensor data, not selling hardware. Such data are highly time-dependent, which requires a deep knowledge of time-series analysis and related analytics techniques.

The value of IoT sensor data comes alive when integrated with other systems. Due to the wide variety of sensors and systems, IoT also stands for Integration of Technologies.