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As Vectr, we have gained a lot of insights and knowledge about proper AI solutions. This was mainly gathered from internal research and projects delivered in collaboration with our customers. We are eager to package these insights in products and open them up towards the outside world.

At this point in time, we would like to focus on 2 specific domains : process digitalization and data quality. Why specifically those 2 domains ?


Nowadays, process digitalization is a hot topic in the optimization of business operations. Digitalization offers the opportunity for companies to assign their valuable resources to the more complex assignments, relieving them from menial work.

Digitalization of processes also offers security and business continuity. Pandemics or unexpected unavailability of human resources are not applicable to technology.

One of the digitalization projects with a high ROI, is scanning of documents and forms. OCR is a technology that is around for quite some time, but has its limitations when it comes to handwritten parts. To enable this, we offer Singer.

Data Quality

The next domain we would like to focus on is Data Quality. In a world where data is becoming a huge driving force for businesses, it is important that those businesses make sure their data is clean and valid. Because all modern data techniques, Artificial Intelligence not the least, is based on data. When you apply dirty data on state of the art A.I. models, the result will be disappointing.

Vectr can be your partner in this data quality crusade. We offer multiple techniques to clean up your datasets. These can vary from data deduplication services to data enrichments. It is the first one for which we have create our deduplication product.

Process Digitalization meets Data Quality

Process digitalization and data quality goe hand in hand. Converting your manual processes can have an impact on your data quality, both positively and negatively. To ensure this data quality, the Vectr DQ products come into play.

For example: millions of forms are scanned automatically and converted into your system using OCR in combination with Singer. But to make sure you have unique records of data, our D3 service is there to remove duplicates.

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