Parliamentary questions

Linked open data

The Federal Government wanted to have insights on the questions that are being asked by politicians in the parliament. Who is asking questions to whom? What is the question about? This is an example of a social graph where people interact with one another. In this particular case, the interaction is through the question. The politicians all have their experiences and skills, which were also modelled. 

Workflow: This project investigated how a graph model of metadata can assist in the data governance. Vectr.Consulting provided insights in social interactions and the questions that are being asked by politicians.


  • We built a graph model and a web application which allows journalists, whom were the original target clients, and other interested audiences to navigate the complex interactions amongst politicians and political parties.

  • Also for the Federal Government, a graph architecture was set up to manage open linked data. A lot of the public data is linked with other public data, and knowing where these data can be found is crucial for data governance.

Parliamentery questions

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