Data Lake: from decentralised data to business value


Our client owns an omnichannel platform that reaches consumers through various offline and digital touchpoints. These touchpoints bring a lot of data with the potential to create value in terms of personalization, segmentation, and an overall deeper customer understanding. Yet, this data is spread over different sources and occurs in various formats, which makes [...]

Data Lake: from decentralised data to business value2021-08-18T10:39:44+02:00

Big Data Architecture


In 2019, Mobile Vikings evolved from a Light MVNO to a Full MVNO. This transition implied a lot more data that needed to be managed. Vectr.Consulting supported this migration: We built a scalable big data system that enables Mobile Vikings to extract value from their data. We linked this system to a dashboard. Analysts [...]

Big Data Architecture2021-08-18T11:02:52+02:00

Intelligent Scanner


Artificial intelligence networks and deep learning methods currently provide the best solutions for many problems in image recognition and more specific, in handwriting recognition. Our team developed the AI of an intelligent scanner that recognises handwriting on certificates of the CM. Processing these handwritten certificates became much easier, faster and more efficient. Cronos public [...]

Intelligent Scanner2021-08-18T10:39:23+02:00

A journey of the flemish government


Creating an AI and NLP scope for the Flemish government to trigger innovative projects In this project our goal is to use AI annd NLP to make our governement smarter and more efficient. The Flemish administration is on a mission to digitalise and optimise the services of the government, a data-driven government is the [...]

A journey of the flemish government2022-02-25T14:14:04+01:00

Intelligent gebouwbeheer en hart van innovatie in het onderwijs


Een intelligent schoolgebouw verrijkt de lessen en koppelt theorie aan praktijk Leerlingen volgen voortaan les in een intelligent gebouw dankzij het IoT dataplatform van Vectr.Consutling dat sensor data real time beschikbaar maakt. Deze interactie tussen het gebouw en de leerlingen verrijkt de lessen en koppelt het theoretische aan het praktische. Incubator van het onderwijs [...]

Intelligent gebouwbeheer en hart van innovatie in het onderwijs2021-08-18T10:42:28+02:00
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